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In the current scenario there is an increasing growth in the residential areas which in turn leads to larger population. Nowadays there has been a huge water scarcity problem across, there arises the need for adequate water distribution to all the areas and prevention of water leakage as well. This proposed system of water distribution and leakage detection system based on PLC and SCADA software is designed to allocate water as per requirement depending on the number of members residing in an area. This PLC based automated system using Embedded controller is already pre-programmed to do the operations and results are shown in ladder diagram using Pico soft software. A threshold is set for each area and the water is distributed from the main storage tank to other subsequent tanks. The water supplied is measured with the help of flow sensors and solenoid valves are used for automatic opening and closing of valves. PLC is used to control the distribution of water and SCADA is one of the emerging technologies which is used for complete monitoring.

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Esha S Kumar, S, P., M, S., A, S., & A, A. L. (2020). Metro Water Distribution System and Leakage Detection. Bulletin of Scientific Research, 2(1), 60-64.

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