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In the current scenario the advent of automation technology is limited to industrial use only. This proposed system of Automatic food processor based on PLC and SCADA software is designed to cook food automatically as required by the user. This PLC based automated system is already pre-programmed to do the operations and the output is obtained. An HMI interface is available to the user to select the quantity and give their preferences. A water level sensor is placed in the tank which monitors the water level present. The ingredients necessary are added with the help of a linear stepper motor and solenoid valves. PLC is used to control the working of the whole system and SCADA is one of the emerging technologies which is used for complete monitoring.

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T, R. K., A, P., G, V., S, S., & D.K, A. (2020). Automatic Food Processor. Bulletin of Scientific Research, 2(1), 65-69.

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