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Digital image processing plays a key role in manipulation of image and extracting the maximum amount of data from image with help of various algorithm. Digital image correlation algorithm determines the displacement and deformation of pattern across several images. Creating innovation are developing every day in various fields, particularly in restoration condition. Notwithstanding, still some old strategies are very famous. X-ray or CT images are one among the system for identification of bone cracks. during this article, we offer a comprehensive overview of various algorithm and techniques of displacement measurement generally and crack detection especially using digital image processing. we've been successful in highlighting each and each key feature and aspect of crack detection in bone which can take the add this domain further

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S, A. S., D, A., M, K., & K, K. (2020). A Comprehensive Survey on Crack detection of Bone using various techniques. Bulletin of Scientific Research, 2(2), 1-7.

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