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Fast beaming tracking and security are important factors for the development of communication technology. A Retrodirective antenna (RDA) technique has been attenuated to one way of improving security. It has the interesting property of automatically responding to an incoming signal location without any prior knowledge of the direction of that source. The purpose of this paper is to design a Rat race coupler which acts as a Retrodirective mode in ANSYS. The resonant frequency of the coupler is 2.4 GHz. The Proposed Rat race couplers have been devised using the Glass Epoxy substrate (FR4) with dielectric constant (εr = 4.4). S parameters, radiation pattern, insertion and isolation losses are obtained from ANSYS software

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P, M., & A. L., V. (2020). Design of Rat-Race based Retrodirective Arrays for Backscatter Communications. Bulletin of Scientific Research, 2(2), 8-13.

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