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Power generation based on renewable energy sources has experienced an important growth due to the challenge of global warming and climatic conditions. This paper proposes the power generation based on Thermo Electric Modules. Peltier module is a device which converts heat energy into electrical energy. Peltier module is a device that uses the principle of thermoelectric effect and converts temperature differences in to an electric voltage and vice versa.  The conversion technology is based on the See beck effect and high thermal concentration using optical concentrators. Pettier module produces no air pollution or hazardous waste, free of moving parts, which reduces the maintenance cost of the proposed system. Peltier module is made up of semiconductor materials such as Bismuth Telluride. The temperature on the panel can be controlled by using Fresnel lens and it is connected to charge controller. The generated voltage is increased with increase in temperature. The panel is connected to the battery through the charge controller. The experimental set up has been implemented. The output voltage obtained from the panel is of 2.18 volts. The voltage is increased up to 12 volts using boost converter. The obtained DC voltage of 12 volts is charged using battery and it can be used for charging of rechargeable household appliances and electronic gadgets.

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S, G., D, S. V., & T, V. (2019). Thermoelectric Based Power Generation for Battery Charging. Bulletin of Scientific Research, 1(2), 55-58.

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