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Where is the abrasive or gradual removal of materials at solid surfaces? It is caused due to the interaction between the sliding surface by mechanical action. The abrasive wears can be recognised as scratches or grooves. To enhance the wear resistance suitable nanocoating is applied on the material surface for better tribological properties such as hardness and toughness. Wear resistant nanocoating is used to reduce or eradicate wear to extend the lifetime of the EN8 steel. EN8 is unalloyed medium carbon steel with better mechanical properties than mild steel and also readily machinable in any condition. The nanocoating materials such as Al2O3, TiO2, SiC, ZrO2, WS2, Si3N4 etc., are used to reduce wear and to enhance hardness and toughness on mild steel through various nanocoating techniques. This paper deals with selection of suitable nanocoating material through AHP (Analytical hierarchal process) - a multi-criteria decision-making method.

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M, I., N, T., M, S., & R, T. (2019). Selection of Wear Resistive Nano coating in En8 Steel. Bulletin of Scientific Research, 1(2), 73-80.

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